How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment (New Method)

Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment

Earn $20 Per Hour : A New Method to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment, This is all about Typing based work But don't worry I also have a solution by which your typing will improve and you can Earn $20 Per Hour by Typing.

Online Typing Jobs in Pakistan are most popular way to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment and peoples earning right now by Typing But if your Typing is not that good So you have to improve your Typing by a very Easy Method, Described Below.

I already write an article on Earn Money by Online Typing Jobs in Pakistan(Hindi/Urdu)

Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment

Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment

Earn Money Online in Pakistan with Quicktate(Click Here to visit website) website, Quicktate website work on Transcribed the Files, There are many Big Brands working with Quicktate (for example: Coca Cola, CNN).

You can Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment with Quicktate by Typing, You just have to Copy these Files, First of all you have to Create an account on Quicktate by clicking on Become a Transcriber and then Click on Create Account or directly Click Here to go.

On this Create Account page you see some Description of Quicktate where they describe that Quicktate Transcribe the different Files like voicemail messages, And they also describe some requirements.

After read their Conditions & Requirements scroll down the Page and fill the Sign Up form then Read their Agreement to make sure you have proper knowledge about them.


Quicktate Pay you upto $20 Per Hour, This is depend upon your Typing Speed and you can withdraw you Payments from Quicktate by PayPal or Credit Card.(You may Create PayPal account in Pakistan)

Test Your Typing

If you are not a Typist or Typing master then I have a Tip for you, In this way you can Test your Typing Speed and then you can improve your Typing Speed.

This is a website "Typing Test", Typing Test is such a Amazing website for Typing checkup and improvement, I recommend you to please check your Typing Speed before Applying on any Typing Job.

You can simply go to this website and select Test time between 1-5 minutes and Start Test, When you completed their Test they show your Typing score by which you know how fast you can Type,

So in this way you give a Test for your Typing and know about your Typing Speed.


Thanks for Read this Article, I hope that this Article may help you to know How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment by Typing, You can Earn $20 Per Hour with this method.

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