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Haveli Wale is a learning website. where you can learn about How to earn money online, unlimited ways to make money online, Tech News, Technology News, Technology, Mobile Phones, We also work on Reviews, Latest Offers and Tips & Trick.
My website language is not English, Urdu or Hindi. My website language is normal language which language people use on WhatsApp for chatting there friends and family, This language has much Benefits then others one of them is people can learn complete information what i want to explain them through my website. Moreover you can visit my website.

About Me

I am Student of HSC. I am not Professional in Blogging. I just create this website to share my knowledge & This website is completely developed by me. If you Like this website & my work Please Feedback your some Golden Words.

for Feedback or Any Problem Email me : mavayani2@gmail.com

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